< What is in a Name />

A domain name - good or bad - communicates who you are to the world.

A great domain like goingplaces.org shows the world your organization is something special.

While most great domains have been taken for years and would cost a fortune to buy (or are unavailable at any price), goingplaces.org can be yours today for a resonable price.

< Special profiles />

Our customers range in backgrounds from millionaire founders to mom-and-pop brick and mortar stores, but they all have ONE thing in common. They bought a GREAT domain from us.

Vanessa Blue


Vanessa is a self-proclaimed nerd who loves to immerse herself in code all day long.

Aleigh Johnson


Aleigh is the founder of the new nonprofit CodeGirls and is a proud cat mom of 4 lovable furballs.

Marlee Williams


Marlee is a huge gamer and loves to design and develop her own zombie video games. Brainz.

< Frequently Asked Questions />

Questions always come up, and we want to save you some time by providing you with answers to some of the questions that we see a lot. Don’t hesitate to reach out with further questions.

  • How are transactions processed?
    All transactions are processed securely for both buyer and seller, and most major payment methods are accepted. 
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    Wire transfer
    Money order
    Credit Card
  • What is DomainAgents.com?
    DomainAgents Is A Domain Name Brokerage And Negotiation Platform.’ It is also domain marketplace, providing domain owners a global distribution platform to buy, park, and sell domain names.
  • What are the steps to buy the domain?. 1. Buyer selects payment method and submits registration details and payment.
    2. DomainAgents.com retrieves payment and approves funds.
    3. Seller transfers the domain, and buyer confirms domain transfer.
  • How long until I get my new domain?
    The sale fulfillment process typically takes 7-10 business days to complete due to multiple actions required by each party involved. The process can complete much faster, provided both buyer and seller are motivated to complete the transaction quickly.